Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are a way of strengthening your P.C. muscle also known as your pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle exists between your butthole and the base of your penis. If you imagine that you are peeing and you try to stop peeing...without using your hands this would be the muscle you´re using. Now try to isolate this muscle by flexing and your penis may raise. A good kegel exercise is to flex the PC for 3 seconds pause for 3 seconds and repeat. There are others which I will detail below but for now lets talk about the benefits of kegel exercises.

It is necessary for men and women both to do kegel exercises in order to maintain good sexual health. For men doing kegel exercises will allow you to hold an erection and an orgasm for much longer than you normally can. It is not uncommon for men with strong kegels to be able to hold a climax for up to 3 minutes...which if you know anything about male O´s it means that you will enjoy the O much more as a man and your partner will enjoy it too since you won´t be prematurely ejaculating. Premature ejaculation can lead to your partner not enjoying intercourse which in turn will lead to you not having more intercourse.

Here is a group of kegel exercises they get progressively more difficult so keep that in mind.

3 seconds flexing the kegel muscles 3 seconds resting. Do this 5 minutes a day twice a day

10 seconds holding 20 seconds resting. Do this 5 minutes a day twice a day.

20 seconds holding 1 minute resting. Do this 10 minutes a day twice a day.

As you progress see if you can hold your kegel muscle up to a minute.

As you can see kegel exercises are not just for women but are also beneficial for men. For those men out there if you want to buy Ben Wa Balls for your girlfriend it is a great idea to improve sexual satisfaction and health for both of you.

More about the benefits of kegel exercises for men...

If you are a man with erectile disfunction you may be able to restore erectile function with kegel exercise. A study from 2005 by BJU international said that regular pelvic floor exercises could restore normal erectile function.


How to Use Ben Wa Balls

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

We know that Ben Wa Balls are effective for building the strength and endurance of Kegel muscles. Are there specific ways to exercise the pelvic floor muscles using Ben Wah Balls? Yes, one kegel exercise is to spread your legs about shoulder width apart and do a squat while holding the Smartballs, Bah Wah Balls, or Duotone Balls inside your vagina. Concentrate on moving them up while contracting your pelvic muscles then relax. You must focus on not dropping the balls.

Most women especially beginners will not know how to do this kegel exercise as it is rather intense. What most beginners do when learning how to use duotone or smart balls... they buy a rather light pair so that they can succesfully hold them inside or they buy a heavier pair of Ben Wa Balls and sit down while using them so that they don´t fall out. Benwa Balls are a super kegel exerciser and some women find them a bit difficult at first but don´t worry if the kegel exercisers are too difficult because later on you will find them too easy and might even forget you´re wearing them.

All in all there aren´t any precise exercises for ben wa balls but you can practice the squating exercise or just allow the weight of the ben wa balls do the work.

If you ever get a ben wa ball stuck you´ll have to read my article on How to Remove Ben Wa Balls.

If you were looking for an article on the more sexual side of using ben wah balls in my opinion duotone balls or ben wa balls are not that sexually satisfying and you might want to look for something called a smart ball, smartballs, or a vibrating egg.